Stefan Wistrand

Stefan Wistrand got hooked on jazz in the early 70s and at the same time took up playing the saxophone. At first involved in the then-current jazz rock scene, he soon encountered free jazz through the duo he formed in the mid 70s with drummer Peter Olsen. In 1978 they released the album “Duo” on composer Leo Nilsson’s label Studio Viarp

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The Electric MZ ”Silent in the Murmur” (Einnicken, 2015)
”The dynamics of Electric MZ is in the repetitive, restrained with flavor and substance entrenched, just as when I have heard Wistrand when he’s worked with improvisational music in successful constellations as Two Sounds Ensemble and Nods Off.”
Orkesterjournalen (Sweden)

”The music literally flows, and could well last a good deal longer than the ten minutes that the compositions here fluctuate around without losing sting and substance. This applies in particular to the composition Coasting Along, which is cruising jazz at its best and definitely the most sumptuous feature on the album.”
DIG Jazz (Sweden)

”You can hear a lot in the music of The Electric MZ, but it does not feel right to enumerate all the references and winks offered

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