Stella Jurgen Stella Jurgen

Stella Jurgen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Portuguese and Italian roots. Stella is a music writer, performer and fine-artist with an artistic background that started in Argentina at a very young age with her sister Marcela in a TV show “Juguetín Juguetón” on Channel 7 in Buenos Aires.

At 9 years old Stella and her family moved to Portugal. In Portugal, the duo “Stella e Marcela” also known as “Stella Mar” flourished with four single records dedicated to the teen audience: “O Cão e o Gato” written by António Sala, “Flor Misteriosa” a musical creation by the sisters. The first two records were produced and edited by Edições Rossil Lda. In 1978, directed by Fernando Correia Martnis. The last two records were side A “Na Discoteca“, side B “As Noticias” written by the sisters and side A “A Menina Sex-Appeal” written by Luís Duarte and João Taveira, side B “Teledisco” by Licinio França and Manuel Rodrigues. The last two were productions of Helena Cardinali, Discossete – Estúdios de Gravação e Edição Musical, Lda. in 1983, directed by Luís Duarte.

The artistic career of Stella & Marcela developed during numerous TV and Radio features and live concerts country-wide including “O Fungagá da Bicharada” presented by Júlio Isidro, “1ª Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores” in Figueira da Foz and many live performances with “Amigos da Rádio Renascença“.

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