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Steve Reich: Phases: A Nonesuch Retrospective

Steve Reich: Phases: A Nonesuch Retrospective

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Steve Reich

Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2006
Views: 1,204

Track Listing

CD1: Music for 18 Musicians (1976): Pulses; Section I; Section II; Section III; Section IV; Section V; Section VI; Section VII; Section VIII; Section IX; Section X; Section XI; Pulses;,

CD2: Different Trains (1988): America-Before the War; Europe-During the War; After the War. Tehillim (1981): Part I: Fast; Part II: Fast; Part III: Slow; Part IV: Fast. Eight Lines (1979).

CD3: You Are (Variations) (2004): You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are; Siviti Hashem L'Negdi (I Place the Eternal Before Me); Explanations come to an End Somewhere; Ehmore M'Aht V'Ahsay Harbay (Say Little and Do Much). New York Counterpoint (1985): Fast; Slow; Fast. Cello Counterpoint (2003). Electric Counterpoint (1987): Fast; Slow; Fast. Triple Quartet (1999): First Movement; Second Movement; Third Movement.

CD4: Come Out (1966); Proverb (1995); The Desert Music (1984): First Movement (Fast); Second Movement (Moderate); Third Movement, Part One (Slow); Third Movement, Part Two (Moderate); Third Movement, Part Three (Slow); Fourth Movement (Moderate); Fifth Movement (Fast).

CD5: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (1973). Drumming (1971): Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV.


CD1: Rebecca Armstrong: soprano; Marion Beckenstein: soprano; Cheryl Bensman Rowe: soprano; Jay Clayton: alto, piano; Russell Hartenberger: marimba, xylophone; Tim Ferchen: marimba, xylophone; James Preiss: vibraphone, piano; Garry Kvistad: marimba, xylophone, piano; Steve Reich: marimba, piano; Thad Wheeler: marimba, maracas; Nurit Tilles: piano; Edmund Neimann: piano; Philip Bush: piano, maracas; Elizabeth Lim: violin; Jeanne LeBlanc: cello; Leslie Scott: clarinet, bass clarinet; Evan Ziporyn: clarinet, bass clarinet.

CD2: On Different Trains: Kronos Quartet: David Harrington: violin; John Sherba: violin; Hank Dutt: viola; Joan Jeanrenaud: cello. On "Tehillim": Schõnberg Ensemble with Percussion Group The Hague, Reinbert de Leeuw, conductor; Barbara Borden: soprano; Tannie Willemstijn: soprano; Yvonne Benschop: mezzo-soprano; Ananda Goud: mezzo-soprano. On Eight Lines: Bang on a Can: Bradley Lubman: conductor; Todd Reynolds: violin; Gregor Kitzis: violin; Jaqueline Carrasco: violin; Elizabeth Knowles: violin; Martha Mook: viola; Ron Lawrence: viola; Mark Stewart: cello; Greg Passelink: cello; Patti Monson: flute, piccolo; David Fedele: flute, piccolo; Michael Lowrenstern: clarinet, bass clarinet; Evan Ziporyn: clarinet, bass clarinet; Edmund Niemann: piano; Nurit Tilles: piano.

CD3: On You Are (Variations: Los Angeles Master Chorale: Phoebe Alexander: soprano; Tania Batson: soprano; Claire Fedoruk: soprano; Rachelle Fox: soprano; Marie Hodgson: soprano; Emily Lin: soprano; Sarona Farrell: alto; Amy Fogerson: alto; Alice Murray: alto; Nancy Sulahian: alto; Kim Switzer: alto; Tracy Van Fleet: alto; Pablo Cora: tenor; Shawn Kirchner: tenor; Joseph Golightly: tenor; Sean McDermott: tenor; Fletcher Sheridan: tenor; Kevin St. Clair: tenor; Geri Ratella: flute; Sara Weisz: flute; Joan Elardo: oboe; Joel Timm: oboe; James Faschia: clarinet; Helen Goode-Castro: clarinet; Larry Hughes: clarinet; Gloria Cheng: piano; Lisa Edwards: piano; Brian Pezzone: piano; Vicki Ray: piano; Wade Cullbreath: marimba and vibes; Mike Englander: marimba and vibes; John Magnussen: marimba and vibes; Tom Raney: marimba and vibes; Tamara Hatwan: violin 1; Ralph Morrison: violin 1; Susan Reddish: violin 1; Samuel Fischer: violin 2; Julie Rogers: violin 2; Steve Schart: violin 2; Darren McCann: viola; Victoria Miskolcsky: viola; Catherine Reddish: viola; Delores Bing: cello; Maurice Grants: cello; Roger LeBow: cello; Oscar Hidalgo: bass; Grant Gershon: conductor. On New York Counterpoint: Evan Ziporyn: clarinets. On Cello Counterpoint: Maya Beiser: cello. On Electric Counterpoint: Pat Metheny: guitar. On Triple Quartet: Kronos Quartet: David Harrington: violin; John Sherba: violin; Hank Dutt: viola; Jennifer Culp: cello.

CD4: On Come Out and Proverb: Theatre of Voices: Andrea Fullington: soprano; Sonja Rasmussen: soprano; Allison Zetlles: soprano; Alan Bennett: tenor; Paul Elliott: tenor; with members of the Steve Reich Ensemble: Riussell Hartenberger: vibraphone; Bob Becker: vibraphone; Nurit Tilles: electric organ; Edmund Niemann: electric organ; Paul Hillier: conductor. On The Desert Music: Steve Reich and Musicians with Members of the Brooklyn Philhamonic and Chorus, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor; Russell Hartenberger: principal percussion; Bob Becker: principal percussion; Glen Velez: principal percussion; Garry Kvistad: principal percussion; Principal Strings: Julie Rosenfeld: concertmistress; Deborah Redding: second violin; Francesca Martin: viola; Sharon Prater: cello; Donald Palma: bass; Choral Contractor: Cheryl Bensman: soprano.

CD5: On Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ: Steve Reich and Musicians: Bob Becker: marimba; Tim Ferchen: marimba; Russell Hartenberger: marimba; Steve Reich: marimba; Garry Kvistad: glockenspiel; Thad Wheeler: glockenspiel; James Preiss: vibraphone; Nurit Tilles: electric organ; Pamela Wood Ambush: voice (long tones); Rebecca Armstrong: voice (long tones); Jay Clayton: voice (melodic patterns). On Drumming: Steve Reich and Musicians: Bob Becker: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Russell Hartenberger: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Garry Kvistad: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; James Preiss: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Stever Reich: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels, whistling; Gary Schall: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Glen Velez: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Thad Wheeler: tuned drums, marimbas, glockenspiels; Pamela Wood Ambush: voice; Jay Clayton: voice; Mort Silver: piccolo.

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