Steve Tintweiss

Steve Tintweiss

Instrument: Bass | Location: New York City

Updated: May 16, 2019

Born: July 12, 1946

ASCAP Composer, Bassist, Bandleader, Producer of Steve Tintweiss Spacelight Band, the Purple Why Free Jazz Legacy, and Inkwhite Productions for Ultra Music Frontier. Founder/Chairman of New York Free Music Committee presenting summer concert series at Forest Park Bandshell in Queens for almost 40 years.

Bass player on historical recordings with Albert Ayler, Patty Waters, Burton Greene, Frank Wright and many other innovators. As a concert organizer he has always emphasized mixing presentations of avant-garde jazz and new music, often combined with classical soloists, poets, and cutting edge rock groups for public audience events. Musician interviews with live sessions of tunes from his original catalog and recorded archives have been heard on radio stations in New York City, Las Vegas and Boston. CETA Artists Project Administrator for Queens Symphony Orchestra 1978-1980. As a performing musician Steve is best known as saxophone legend Albert Ayler's final bass player.


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