Story Tellers

Story Tellers

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Martin Archer

Label: Discus
Released: 2017
Views: 975

Track Listing

Book 1 - The River Follower (Story Tellers#1; Like It Is; The River Follower; The Casuist; Shaman Song#1); Book 2 – The Barbarian (Story Tellers#2; Go Heavy; The Barbarian; The Wayfarer’s Bastard; Dedication Coda); Book 3 – The Wounded Healer (Story Tellers#3; Like It Is; The Wounded Healer; The Barbarian; Shaman Song#2); Book 4 – The Casuist (Story Tellers#4; Like It Was; the Casuist; The River Follower; Dedication Coda – Leo’s Dream); Book 5 – The Wayfarer’s Bastard (Story Tellers#5; Like It Will Be; The Wayfarer’s Bastard; The Rain Maker; Shaman Song #3); Book 6 – The Rain Maker (Story Tellers#6; Time Twist; The Wounded Healer; the Rain Maker; The Casuist (exit pursued by demons); Dedication Coda – Roscoe’s Blues).


Martin Archer - The Casuist( alto, sopranino, baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, bass recorded, flute, loops, electronics); Mick Somerset – The Wounded Healer (c, alto, bass, meditation, geisha, drone flutes, chalumeau and bass clarinets, shawm, percussion); Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan – The Barbarian (trumpet); Corey Mwamba – The River Follower (vibraphone); Anton Hunter – The Rain Maker (guitar, electronics); Peter Fairclough – the Wayfarer’s Bastard (drums, percussion).


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