Suede Wave

NY press has said Suede is like Adele meets Diana Krall meets Bette Midler, sassy, smooth and intoxicating. No one likes being described by others' work, but for those who haven't discovered her yet... She's headlined with Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLachlan, and was Joan Rivers' opening act. You'll want to come see why.

Voice is Suede's first instrument but she also plays piano, trumpet and guitar. And, she's FUNNY. She's a song stylist, multi-instrumentalist, a singer's singer and, first and foremost, an entertainer. “The REAL deal”, said Joan Rivers.

Suede founded Easily Suede Music over 30 years ago and was an early independent artist before that became the norm. She's made her living as a world touring full-time musician for over three decades, currently has 4 solo CDs and one DVD (aired on PBS fund-drive on 54 stations nationally) released and available on her discography page at She has played everything from solo shows up to shows with her 12 piece Dangerous Big Band, everywhere from small clubs to festivals to huge outdoor stages for hundreds of thousands in the crowd - always bringing down the house.

Check her out at @Suedewave on Twitter But definitely check her out. Watch:

The Boston Globe says she’s “Wicked exciting!”

NYT says “A spectacular evening of song and style. “ “Voices like hers come along maybe once in a generation.”

“A great voice, even better enthusiasm, almost giddy delight at entertaining audiences, that if bottled would make every anti-depressant on the market obsolete.” -Steppin' Out Arts, NY

And from Suede’s audience, the ever colorful Bea Arthur stopped the show and exclaimed: ”Thank you for the most f#!ing incredible night of my life in an audience! You are f#!ing to DIE for!”

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