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Suzy Williams: Enjoy the Ride

Suzy Williams: Enjoy the Ride

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Suzy Williams

Label: Superbatone
Released: 2010
Views: 330

Track Listing

A Waltz Around the Pool Room; You Keep Me on the Road; Enjoy the Ride!; I Want to Mosey Where It's Cozy; Get Yer Own Bad Habits; Drawn to You; I'm In Lust; The Man in the Empty Suit; Slow Down September; The Guy Who Invented Sex; Tell Me My Favorite Lie; Wonderin' How You Are; That's What Your Love Does; Get an Older Man, Darling; Over the Threshold.


Suzy Williams: vocals; Brad Kay: piano, music director, vocal (8); Oliver Steinberg: bass ; Irv Gershenz: drums ; Bill Ryan: guitar ; Dan Weinstein: viola (1); Corey Gemme: cornet (1), C-melody sax (3); Paul Deblasi: drums (5, 8); Don Allen: drums (6); George Pandis: trumpet (4, 9); Pete Keir: bass (5); John Lambdin: violin (5); Jessica Long, Kathy Leonardo, Ginger Smith: backup vocals (7).

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