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Sweet Sister Suite

Sweet Sister Suite by The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

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The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

Label: Spartacus Records
Released: 2018
Views: 1,152

Track Listing

1 Sweet Sister 6:25 (soloist: Jurd); 2 Keeper Of The Light 6:11 (soloist: Smith); 3 Worlds Apart 9:30 (soloists: Johnstone, Luft, Jurd); 4 Her Love Is Like An Endless Stream 9:10 (soloists: Towndrow, Jurd); 5 Constant Star 7:05 (soloists: Kershaw, Cosker); 6 Wondering Dream 8:48 (soloists: Gourlay, Smith, Johnstone, Jurd, Luft); 7 Twilight Chant 7:29 (soloists: Jurd, Smith, Arabatzi); 8 Utopian Recital 1:52.


Additional Personnel / Information

Laura Jurd: trumpet & flugel horn; Irini Arabatzi: voice; Martin Kershaw, Paul Towndrow, Konrad Wiszniewski, Tommy Smith, Bill Fleming: saxophones; Tom Walsh, Sean Gibbs, Tom MacNiven, Lorne Cowieson: trumpets; Chris Greive, Phil O’Malley, Liam Shortall, Michael Owers: trombones; Pete Johnstone: piano; Rob Luft: guitar; Calum Gourlay: bass; Alyn Cosker: drums.


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