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Swing That Cat

Born out of a simple idea and a love of good music, ~ Swing That Cat! ~ is on a mission, with a message: Dance Your Tail Off!

What more could you ask for from a band that sounds like Jump Blues swizzled in Horny Swing, with a splash of Bourbon Street and dash of Cabaret.

Front and center is Michele Peraino,, a modern-day Rita Hayworth meets Catwoman, with a vocal range and style drawn from another era, blending the sultry Jazz sound of Sarah Vaughan, and Rosemary Clooney, with the bawdy early Rock and Roll roar of Etta James. On stage, her voice combines with a penchant for performing, as Michele creates a hypnotic expression of the rhythm that entrances the audience and engages them in the performance.

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“Lead vocalist, Michele Peraino, with her rich alto voice, belted out tunes of days past reminiscent of the bygone era of the 1940's, bringing to mind the intoxicating days when The War was over and the boys were coming home.” -Johnny Hall, Jan 16, 2016 @ The Sellersville Theater

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