Synia Carroll

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Sarasota

Updated: February 23, 2017

Synia Carroll ( sin-‘nī-ah )

Music has loomed large in Synia’s life since her childhood in Philadelphia. As young as four years old she was writing her own songs and by the age of 12 she was singing for a variety of audiences, while accompanying herself on folk guitar. Synia earned a full music scholarship to Chestnut Hill, nearby woman’s college, however she opted instead to attend Wesleyan University in Connecticut. where her music experienced expanded to include classical, latin and gospel music as well as work at local recording studios.

Shortly after college, Synia moved to New York where her smooth, clear vocals were soon recognized, leading to session work with a number of performing and recording artists including Curtis Hairston, Cookie Watkins, and jazz harmonica player Will Galison It was vibraphonist Jay Hoggard who first encouraged Synia to step forward to pursue a career as a lead vocalist.

Synia’s developed an affinity for “Soca Music” also known as the soul of calypso, and worked with groups lead by Bernard Liburd, Designer, and Lord Nelson. In 1984 Synia joined Mikata, an African/Caribbean Funk ensemble, where she became a lead singer and contributing song writer. The band performed regularly in many New York clubs including Sounds of Brazil (SOB), Irving Plaza, and the Pyramid Club. They also appeared at numerous colleges and festivals around the country and in Canada and Japan.

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