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Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Paris

Updated: January 8, 2018

Born: June 19

TenGanG is a Cameroonian artist (singer, guitarist, songwriter) living in France. He is passionate about all the music of the world, especially Jazz and Progressive Rock. Previous album of TenGanG “Symphony Of Noise In French Troubled Waters”, with guest singers, was a Progressive-Rock album. In this new album that will go on sale online January 1, 2018, “Fusic-Jazz-Funk To My Musical Heiress With Nothing But My Male Voice”, he changes totally universe. This time it is a fusion of Jazz and Funk and other influences, and, apart from the guitar in a song, all the other sounds of the album are performed by the single voice of the singer, influenced by Bobby McFerrin. A new TenGanG album is in preparation, it will be a fusion of Progressive-Rock and Funk, with instruments.

The singer Eleo W.E.B (Cameroon) is present on the cover and in the title of the album, but does not sing. This honor is given to her because she is trained by TenGanG who considers her as his musical heir, it is a transmission of relay. Her own A Cappella album will come soon, followed by an album of Fusic-Progressive-Rock- Funk. One of her particularities is the mastery of Indian scat (as you can see on one of her videos below), of Tibetan and Sufi voices.

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