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Terje Evensen

Evensen is a specialist in improvised modern jazz music combined with electro elements. He is adept in working with acoustic samples/recordings and mixing them together on an electro palette. He is always experimenting within a wonderland where different genres cross over – where jazz meets ambient, and electronica – creating spacious and dramatic soundscapes of profound intensity.

Although well versed in many styles and genres Evensen’s solo album Still you. You still here (2010) is a quintessential example of the core of his work, consisting purely of percussion and electronics. Released on the Berlin based platform FONORUM, it was the world’s very first net-album.

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“Evensen is adept at making the unsaid said, the little bell-like noises and murmurings he invokes as part of his cave of softly encroaching sounds as mysterious as the dawn approaching.” Stephen Graham – Marlbank

“Evensen is a master of the soundscaper’s art” Ian Mann – The Jazz Mann

“On Apochryful, the laptop ripple from Terje Evensen is incorporated in a remarkably sensitive and undemonstrative way – Evensen simply adding to the textural and melodic commentaries of the rhythm section.” Daniel Paton – Music OMH

“The Norwegian adds his trademark electronica to a slowed down, melancholic Fringe Magnetic arrangement……. ……, and thanks to Evensen, intrinsically Nordic in feel.” Ian Mann – The Jazz Mann

“ – a high point of Twistic being ‘Apochryful’ also featuring Spin Marvel’s Norwegian percussionist Terje Evensen’s subtle electronic treatments.” Selwyn Harries – Jazzwise

“Norwegian keys, drums, electronics expert Terje Evensen – feature sparse dynamics with enterprising samples of white noise and percussive loops.” Keith Arnes – UK Musician Union

“There is something quite beautiful, often calm and even stunning about this music that I find most enchanting.” Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery

“Terje has a unique production style and an ear for pleasant surprises.” Chris Koff – Sound on Sound

”Percussionist Terje Evensen adds decorative colour and texture; scraped and bowed cymbals, nuanced and fragmented rhythms.” The Wire

”Evensen is a sensitive player, and his contributions subtly reinforce some of the rhythmic aspects of the music without ever slipping into a flat-out groove.” Brain Marley – The Wire

”Evensen, a former student of the mighty Audun Kleive clearly relishes exploring the extremities of his kit as well as playing in time.” John Gill – Jazzwise

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