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The Painted Lady Suite

The Painted Lady Suite

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Michael Leonhart

Label: Sunnyside Records
Released: 2018
Views: 1,270

Track Listing

The Painted Lady Suite (Transformation in the Deserts of Mexico; The Silent Swarm Over El Paso; The Experimental Forest, North Dakota; Countdown to Saskatchewan; The Arctic Circle; 1500 Feet Above the Sahara - Night; 1500 Feet Above the Sahara - Day; In the Kingdom of M.Q.; Music Your Grandparents Would Like; The Girl From Udaipur.


Michael Leonhart: composer, arranger, conductor, organ, Mellotron, accordion, bass harmonica, bass melodica, pump organ, trumpet, french horn, mellophonium, bass trumpet & electric bass; Dave Guy: trumpet; Taylor Haskins: trumpet & valve trombone; Andy Bush: trumpet; Carter Yasutake: trumpet; Andy Gathercole: trumpet; Ray Mason: trombone & bass trombone; Mark Patterson: trombone & bass trombone; John Altieri: tuba; Donny McCaslin: tenor sax; Sam Sadigursky: tenor sax, piccolo flute, flute, alto flute & bass clarinet; Matt Bauder: alto & tenor sax; Jason Marshall: alto & baritone sax; Cochemea Gastelum: tenor & baritone sax, flute; Charles Pillow: bass clarinet & alto flute; Ian Hendrickson-Smith: baritone sax; Jon Natchez: clarinet; Aaron Heick: tenor sax, english horn & bass flute; Sara Schoenbeck: bassoon; Nels Cline: guitar; Pauline Kim: violin & viola; Erik Friedlander: cello; Jay Leonhart: acoustic bass (1, 8, 10); Joe Martin: acoustic bass (6, 9); Nick Movshon: electric bass (5, 7); Daniel Freedman - drums (1, 8, 9, 10) & percussion; Nick Movshon: drums (2); Homer Steinweiss: drums (5, 7); Mauro Refosco: percussion; Leon Michels: percussion; Mauro Durante: percussion & violin; Carolyn Leonhart, Jamie Leonhart, Michael Leonhart & Milo Leonhart: choir.


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