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The Roots of Rey | Despacito Margo

The Roots of Rey | Despacito Margo

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Margo Reymundo

Label: Origin Records
Released: 2018
Views: 53

Track Listing

1 PRELUDE TO ANGEL EYES 1:26 2 ANGEL EYES 3:36 Matt Dennis / Earl Brent 3 THIS MASQUERADE 4:13 Leon Russell 4 THE NEARNESS OF YOU 4:22 Hoagy Carmichael / Ned Washington 5 MI GRAN DESEO (My Heart's Desire) 4:28 Margo Reymundo & J.G. Tennyson / Amparo Hinson & Margo Rey 6 WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND 4:59 Michel LeGrand / Marilyn and Alan Bergman 7 NUESTRA CANCION 4:13 Cesar Portillo De La Luz 8 SPEAK LOW 2:49 Kurt Weil / Ogden Nash 9 VERDAD AMARGA 3:34 Consuelo Velasquez 10 NATURE BOY 4:06 Eden Ahbez 11 YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS 4:01 Gene De Paul / Don Raye 12 CHAN CHAN 5:42 Compay Segundo 13 MY HEART’S DESIRE 4:28 Margo Reymundo & J.G. Tennyson


Margo Rey - Vocals Oscar Hernandez - Piano Jimmy Branly - Drums Rene Camacho - Bass Ramon Stagnano - Guitar Justo Almario - Sax & Flute Joey De Leon - Percussion

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