The Visitor

The Visitor by Roland Vazquez

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Roland Vazquez

Label: RVCD
Released: 2010
Duration: 72:34
Views: 794

Track Listing

1] "Urantia" (12:19) (solos: Aaron Heick, alto / Alex Norris, trumpet) 2] "Thru a Window" (10:56) (solos: Luis Perdomo, piano / Roger Rosenberg, soprano / Dan Willis, tenor / Ignacio Berroa, drums / Samuel Torres, congas) 3) "The Visitor" (11:14) (solos: Joel Frahm, tenor / Luis Perdomo, piano) 4) "Whirlpool" (8:31) (solo: Aaron Heick, alto) 5) "Sevilla" (9:17) (solos: Luis Perdomo, piano / Roger Rosenberg, baritone/ Aaron Heick, alto) 6) "Guarabé" (9:02) - ©Clare Fischer/BMI (solos: Luis Perdomo, piano/ Aaron Heick, alto / Roger Rosenberg, baritone / Alex Norris, trumpet/ Samuel Torres, congas) 7) "The Path of Change" (10:55) (solos: Pete McCann, guitar / Ignacio Berroa, drums / Samuel Torres, congas)


Additional Personnel / Information

ROLAND VAZQUEZ BAND: Aaron Heick, Ben Kono, Joel Frahm, Dan Willis, Roger Rosenberg ... saxes & ww's; Jon Owens, Tony Kadleck, James de la Garza, Alex Norris ... trumpets; Keith O'Quinn, Larry Farrell, Tim Albright (and Isrea Butler), Jack Schatz ... trombones; Luis Perdomo ... piano; Pete McCann (and Jim Hershman) ... guitar; Christos Rafaelides & Sean Ritenauer ... vibes; James Genus ... bass; Ignacio Berroa ... drums; Samuel Torres ... congas & percussion; Roland Vazquez ... composer/conductor.

Album Description

“The Roland Vazquez (Big) Band originally appeared at clubs in NYC, schools, and festivals starting in 1991. Based around my quintet at that time (Walt Weiskopf, tenor sax; Mark Soskin, piano; Anthony Jackson, contrabass guitar; Frank Malabé, congas); the horn sections grew from those who had played on “Tides of Time” (Ted Nash, Brian Lynch, Keith OʼQuinn, Jack Schatz) – and players I met while teaching at Manhattan School of Music (Tony Kadleck, Joel Frahm, Alex Norris, Dave LaLama). Other players featured in those early years include: Ricardo Candelaria, Mike Davis, Andy Gravish, Stefon Harris, Joe Locke, Dave Mann, Ben Monder, Chris Potter, Tim Ries, Emedin Rivera, Scott Wendholt, just to name a few. In 2009, I received a Recording Grant from Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc. towards support of recording these scores. “The Visitor”, “Urantia”, “Thru a Window”, and “Guarabé” were essentially developed during our performances in the ʻ90ʼs; with “Whirlpool”, “Sevilla”, and “The Path of Change” evolving more recently. While most of these titles have been previously released as quintet or nonet versions, I feel the 19-piece Roland Vazquez Band delivers the most fully-realized performances of these compositions to date. It has been a real gift for me to work with each of these outstanding musicians while preparing, performing, and recording this music. Their individuality of spirit clearly resonates throughout the tracks - and they have succeeded in lifting this music “off the page”.


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