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The Ed Palermo Big Band

d Palermo’s Big Band has been together since 1980 and has been playing and honing the music of Frank Zappa (among other composers) for over 20 years, mainly in performance at the Iridium nightclub in New York City and The Falcon in Marlboro, NY.

Their CDs have achieved rave reviews from a wide array of music magazines, including Downbeat, which did a recent 3 page story on Ed and his band. Ed was recently listed as one of the top 40 “intriguing musicians to watch out for” by the online magazine, The Daily Beast. When not playing Zappa, the Ed Palermo Big Band also pays tribute to other heroes of Ed such as Todd Rundgren and Paul Butterfield. Ed’s most recent CD, “Electric Butter-a Tribute to the Chicago Blues Music of Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield” garnered yet another rave review in Downbeat Magazine.

Known for his uncanny penchant to “mash up” music of disparate sources, Ed Palermo and his band often play a show he calls Zodd Zundgren-The Music of Frank Zappa and Todd Rundgren. At a recent show at the Falcon, they managed to take this concept a step further by embedding this mash up into a “Wizard of Oz” storyline, calling it, “The Wizard of Zodd”.

With the Ed Palermo Big Band, the key element is unpredictability. The audience never knows what to expect except pure unfiltered insanity and brilliance.

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” of the greatest musicians and arrangers in the world.” —Christian McBride ”There are two musicians in this business who I can say are jewels. One is George Duke and the other is Ed Palermo.” —Napoleon Murphy Brock ”He (Ed) has a breathtaking approach to re-contextualizing everything in a fantasia that swoops from Frank's (Zappa) work to Todd Rundgren to Wayne Shorter to whatever - just traveling through the history of music. I was absolutely flabbergasted.” —Mike Keneally

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