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The GroovaLottos

The GroovaLottos are a powerhouse soul-funk-blues band comprised of veteran studio session and touring players and singers. Said to play with their souls instead of their hands, they are musical journeymen on a mission to unlock the spirits of their audiences. Incredible musicianship and wild senses of humor make them one of the most entertaining bands around. In 2016, their debut single, “Do You Mind (IfWeDanceWitYoDates)?” spent 41 weeks in the top ten of the Americana/Indie Blues Charts. Their debut album, “Ask Yo' Mama” is on the official ballot for 4 Grammys; including 2 for Pop and 2 for R&B.

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”The music on Ask Yo’ Mama is unapologetically old school. The instruments, arrangements and production values have the feel of the kind of music that came out of labels such as Stax throughout the 1960s and 70s. Lyrically ad thematically, the tunes are throwbacks as well. Many of the tracks contain, such as “Do You Mind (ifwedancewithyodates)” sport cultural references to 60s and 70s pop culture and music. The line, ‘do you mind if we dance with yo’ dates,’ comes from the famous Otis Day and the Knights scene in the 1978 film “Animal House.” The track is driven by Mwalim’s 1960s soul-jazz work on the electric organ, and finds the trio singing in harmony and telling a story of a guy offering to show a woman a good time on the dance floor (and possibly elsewhere) that her male suitor is apparently unable to.

Funky story telling proves to be The GroovaLottos’ forte throughout Ask Yo’ Mama, such as on the blues inspired track “Just Friend Blues,” where Mwalim tries to convince his woman not to leave by explaining that the quartet of other women with which he constantly finds himself in compromising situations are just friends

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