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The Heavyweights Brass Band

Whether receiving props from The Roots on Twitter, jamming with puppets on CBC Kids' Mamma Yamma, recording with the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo or being championed by influential DJ and tastemaker Gilles Peterson, The Heavyweights Brass Band pack a one-two punch of crossover appeal and respect from music's elite.

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”The Heavyweights Brass Band have come up with an incredible new album that is both classic and contemporary sounding. A big departure from their first release. One of the most exciting music projects on the Canadian music scene today.”

Alex Cuba, Juno and Grammy award winner. (March 2014)

“Not since the Shuffle Demons bopped into the limelight has a young Toronto jazz band had as much impact on the local scene as the Heavyweights Brass Band.”

“The album closes out with two tunes recorded live at Toronto's Koerner Hall, and they confirm this band especially shines in a live setting.”

Exclaim (28 February 2014)

“If anything the singular voices of trumpeter Jon Challoner, trumpeter John Pittman, trombonist Chris Butcher, sousaphone player Rob Teehan and drummer Lowell Whitty are uniquely Canadian...with musical intellects that are ingenious and sometimes even brilliant.”

“Brasstronomical is a sophisticated album, featuring the kind of intellectualism emerging from the former hi-jinks of a young band that has found its voice for good”

Latin Jazz Network (17 July 2014)

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