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There's this singer called Zoe right? Legend has it that, as a newborn baby, her very first breath was a lament so powerful that it made the doctor collapse and the midwife wee. As she grew, a single note from her lips would condense the air around her, enshrouding her songs in deep mists. There's also this giant right? Really tall guy named Ulirich. Best guitar player you ever did hear. He'd play these beautiful melodies that made the wind dance around his ponytail. Even trees shifted themselves to be near him when he played. Then there's this other guy called Matt right? All he cares about is playing his bass. Spends each and every day practising in the field behind his house. Completely naked….don't ask why. He gets so good that the sun won't even rise without him playing a morning scale and, at night, he has to pluck each star into existence. Anyway. Long story short. The three of 'em meet up in a valley. They're playin'… all this mist is forming….trees are zipping about… stars are popping and what-have-you…most amazing thing you've ever heard. They recorded this album that very same night… a cauldron of salt with each note captured by blind monkeys.


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