The Smoogies The Smoogies

What do you call a conglomerate of diverse, talented multi-instrumentalists and composers? You call them “The Smoogies” — a musical smoothie blended with a lot of culture, life experience and most certainly ‘a vibe’.

The Smoogies band is comprised of Harvel Nakundi (drums/percussion), Dion Kerr (bass), Vaughn Henry (keys/vocals) and David Chiverton (drums), all formally trained musicians hailing from South Florida. Each member has served interchangeably as leader and accompanist to a variety of performing acts around the world with repertoires spanning across multiple genres.

Harvel (J. Lo, Nicole Henry) and Dion (Godwin Louis, Jean Caze) founded the band in Miami after both having spent time in NYC and on the road touring and performing at festivals around the world. Their relationship writing and playing music goes back over a decade when they first met in Miami. They both had a desire to create while cultivating a sense of community. It was only right to include Dave (DW, Zildjian, Vic Firth artist) and Vaughn (Ghost Note, Snarky Puppy) in the group.

The Smoogies began their career with a feature on the digital music series, “The Chivertone Sessions” and notoriety grew instantaneously. From there, they were given the opportunity to hold residency and curate a weekly hangout where the band developed and refined their sound further. They also secured a spot at the prestigious Ground Up Music Festival, and they have not stopped breaking ground since.

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