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The Stoner

With extraordinary vitality, a fresh concept, a zest for creating new music, The Stoner are turning a new page for jazz. They have something new for the heart, the head and the feet. The Stoner are a traditionally set up jazz quartet - saxophone, piano, bass, drums - and they know all about the jazz tradition. Their concept absorbs new urban and popular musics, and uses it to inspire new jazz. They make the Nordic electronic Nu-jazzers sound antique...” - Roger Spence, Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

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“A new kind of jazz” “Music that holds more than it excludes – it has groove, beauty and something almost naïvely affirmative to it” (DN) “Listening to this makes me stunned and thoroughly happy. How dare they?” (V- K) “The debut album “Upp till kamp” is an incredibly melodious number” (Groove) “the Stoner stands at the front, staring the future of Swedish Jazz straight in the eye” (dagensskiva.com) “Tenor sax player Nils Berg leads the quartet the Stoner with credit. He turns established concepts on their sides, liberated from all that is prestige” “Audiopharmacologic for the people!” (Svd)