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The Stoner

With extraordinary vitality, a fresh concept, a zest for creating new music, The Stoner are turning a new page for jazz. They have something new for the heart, the head and the feet. The Stoner are a traditionally set up jazz quartet - saxophone, piano, bass, drums - and they know all about the jazz tradition. Their concept absorbs new urban and popular musics, and uses it to inspire new jazz. They make the Nordic electronic Nu-jazzers sound antique...” - Roger Spence, Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

In 2005 The Stoner arose as something of a sensation with their debut album “Upp till kamp”

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“A new kind of jazz” “Music that holds more than it excludes – it has groove, beauty and something almost naïvely affirmative to it” (DN) “Listening to this makes me stunned and thoroughly happy. How dare they?” (V- K) “The debut album “Upp till kamp” is an incredibly melodious number” (Groove) “the Stoner stands at the front, staring the future of Swedish Jazz straight in the eye” ( “Tenor sax player Nils Berg leads the quartet the Stoner with credit. He turns established concepts on their sides, liberated from all that is prestige” “Audiopharmacologic for the people!” (Svd)