The Wee Trio

The Wee Trio is a collaborative musical exploration consisting of vibraphonist James Westfall, bassist Dan Loomis, and drummer Jared Schonig. In what started as a regular collective of Brooklyn musicians who got together to jam, chemistry quickly formed and thus was born The Wee Trio.

The band kicked off their inaugural tour performing throughout New York and Pennsylvania playing at a few clubs, a Jazz Festival, and an Artist Residency at a local University. The band reconvened back in Brooklyn to record and document the trio. The documented recording entitled Capital Diner Vol. 1 features original compositions by the trio with a few standards composed by Kurt Cobain, Sufjan Stevens, and Thelonious Monk. Needless to say the groups eclectic style has really helped them stand out in the New York jazz scene.

The Wee Trio comes from different areas of the USA; Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Houston. It wasn’t until Jared Schonig and Dan Loomis met, while attending Eastman School of Music, that the hook up was laid down. Meanwhile James Westfall was chosen by Herbie Hancock and Terence Blanchard to attend the Thelonious Monk Institute. After finishing his studies, he moved to Brooklyn, coincidentally, across the street from the apartment the rhythm section shared.

Each member of the Wee Tree is a leader in their own right. Their respective recordings show the legacy of their visionary bandleading. Westfall's Independent was released on Bionic Records. Jazztimes writes “...declarative and uplifting, incorporating elements of rock and hip-hop...Westfall's style is distinctive” Meanwhile, Loomis’ I Love Paris was released on Jazz Excursion, was praised as “ of the top releases of 2007” by Scott Yanow of All Music Guide.

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”'Lightning in a bottle'” is an excellent metaphor for The Wee Trio's Capitol Diner Vol. 1, given how the music crackles like high-tension wires in a rainstorm.” “grabs the listener by the lapels and yanks-hard.” —J Hunter, All About Jazz

“James Westfall, Dan Loomis, and Jared Schonig play with fervent audacity, stretching the kinetic limits of their respective instruments.” —Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“The Wee Trio often veers from the expected...questioning the rules of jazz orthodoxy. They keep the music substantive and riddled with direction surprises

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Wee +3

Wee +3

Bionic Records

Live at the Bistro

Live at the Bistro

Bionic Records

Ashes To Ashes - A David Bowie Intraspective

Ashes To Ashes - A...

Bionic Records

Capitol Diner Vol. 2: Animal Style

Capitol Diner Vol. 2:...

Bionic Records

Capitol Diner Vol. 1

Capitol Diner Vol. 1

Bionic Records

Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch

The Wee Trio
Live at the Bistro



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