Thibault Falk

Thibault Falk (Piano) (b.1972 in Le Puy en Velay bei Lyon,France). He began playing classical music on the piano (diploma at the “Conservatory Massenet” of St-Etienne). After 5 years studying Economy (Master of Business and Administration), and working in a Jazz Festival Organisation (”Jazz à Vienne”), he wants his Hobby to be his real profession.

In 1997 he moves to Berlin to study Jazz at the Music Academy of Berlin ( Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler”). He began to play with his trio in Berlin (A-Trane, Quasimodo, B-flat). In 2002 he won with his Band Gondwana the Jazz & Blues Award with an international Quartet: Jury Award from Jean-Claude Bourelly, and Audience Award too (Festival Jazz Focus, Wabe). Later he earns money with music projects working on cruise ships, Solo or Trio(Aida Blue, Vita, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Island, Cap Nord, St- Petersburg.), or playing with a singer from Brazil(Tour in Kiew, Ukraine and Germany).

At present he is involved in projects with the Band “Sahnefunk”(Tour in London, Liverpool, Paris, Brüssel, Antwerpen, Nord Deutschland, Dresden.), but still plays concerts with his new quartet with own compositions. On the 13th of August 2005, after a tour with the band (Ursprung, B-flat.), the quartet has a big concert in Groß-Behnitz. 700 people are there to here the music. The TV “Deutsche Welle” made a DVD from the concert, which can be used for promotion.

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Stories need no plan. Stories suffice in their form, flow and fantasy. Thibault Falk is a passionate story-teller, and so it is hardly a surprise that he seem not to bother with plans. The songs from “Sur Le Fil”, rendered with skillful ease and grace, beg no analysis or examination. They have a life of their own and propel themselves with poetic urgency. Thibault Falk tells us the old tale of setting off and returning home; the immortal theme of the artist who is drawn to the far-reaches, later to discover upon his return the very thing which so long he had sought. Perhaps this subject seems at first appearance incompatible with our modern virtual age, where our environment itself changes more quickly than the speed at which we can move from one place to another

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