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Thomas Motter

Thomas Hubert Motter (*4.August 1963 Heidelberg ) is a german musician , keyboardist , songwriter , producer

Life: classically trained by Erwin Schneider ( 3. generation Liszt student , Eugen Delbert , Alfred Höhn ) , Prof. Gisela Sott, Wolfgang Bloßer , Günther Krieger .

1976 with 13 years he won the state competition in Baden - Württemberg of the Deutsche Tonkünstler Verband. Radio performances & recordings fallowed.

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German keyboard genius Thomas Motter has always followed his own path in creating music of the finest vibrant quality. His albums No Return (2005), Nite Angel (2006), High (2012) and Lost & Loved (2013) are spectacular occasions of sounds. Somewhere Out There (2016) is the next level of musical evolution.

The album is enriched by an elite group of musicians. Ralf Gustke, Rodney Holmes and Camille Gainer Jones (drums), Larry Kimpel, Nathan East, Victor Bailey, Francis Hylton, Alvin Mills and Dany Martinez (bass), Bill Evans, Keith Anderson, Nathan Crosse (saxophones), Kalle Knecht (loops), Nene Vasquez, Dalma Lima (percussion), Greg Pena (trombone), Ebo Shakoor (flute), Kirt Dallaway (trumpet) are listed in the liner notes

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