Thomas Steffen

Instrument: Arranger

Born: October 30, 1965

A journey into sound - that is the idea of Thomas Steffen. Beside the music market Thomas is moving forward to collect ideas and sounds into a new kind of avantgarde jazz. Just driven by the fun to create and combine sounds and moods. Putting together all the experiences of learning and listening for that trip that will never lead to an end. Independend musician means to be free in any kind.

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Perfection fascinated, but also gets boring. So Thomas Steffen sees the jazz world and confronts it with his album “Jazzperience” - “Music that celebrates the moment”. Under the stage name''ctrl-old -u native of Duisburg has an unusual jazz album in lo-fi acoustics produced, the refrains of technical bells and whistles. The pieces work with different rhythms, are interspersed with trumpet and saxophone parts. In its depth and catchiness reminiscent of film music, but are according to the composer as a soundtrack for the subway ride. coolibri 2013

Steve Lake Another 'accidental discovery” I made just strolling and scrolling along this site

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