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Thulla Wamberg


• Thulla (StarHouse 1999) • The Spirit of Yesterday (Cope Records, 2001) • Double Up, Please! (Cope Records, 2002) • EvergreenMachine (Cope Records, 2003) • Thullabandulla Band: Life is a Car (Cope Records, 2005) • Retro Sisters & Schwanzen Sänger Knaben (Focus Recording, 2007) • Bleu: (with Alain Apalloo) Blue City (Cope Records, 2008) • The Spirit of Ice (QvintusArt 2009) • 7 Shortcuts to Change (with celloplayer Halina Wigocka) (LifeChangingListening 2010)

Thulla (Thulla Christina Wamberg), is a Danish folk/pop and jazz singer.

Autodidact in music, words, images and sound, mainly influenced, as she states, by Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Monroe and Björk.[citation needed] She had several great Jazz musicians from Denmark in her bands, the Thulla's Organic Orchestra (Ben Besiakov, (p), Dan Hemmer (ho), Hugo Rasmussen (b), Frands Rifbjerg (d), Lisbeth Diers (perc), and 2005 the Thullabandulla Band (Dan Hemmer (keys), Guffi Pallesen (b), Rune Harder Olesen (perc). The songs are mainly her own compositions and lyrics, mixed with international standards. Her newest band Thulla's Merry-go-round (2017), count Marie Louise Schmidt (Vox Continental, harmonica, keys), Eva Malling (bass) and on the album: Poul Achton (dr). Live on drums/perc: Jesper Uno.

Thulla has a bachelor of Danish Literature from KUA, 1990. . . Received the National Arts Foundation's 2-year music-grant 2000. Has received several grants, including from the State Art Foundation. Toured all over Denmark with “Thulla's Organic Orchestra” as well as “Thullabandulla Band”. Performed at Beijings Jazz Festival 2008. Participated in portraits on DR2, DR1, TV2 and Channel 4. Composed soundtrack for Greenland scientist John Andersen's book “Around Greenland”, 2009. Contributed as a singer and composer to other projects, including Universal Funk - Later Black Lillies. Chiefeditor of the Composers' Association DJBFA's member magazine KOMPOST 2008-2012.

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“The second album from this strange and fascinating Danish singer finds her continuing her equally strange and fascinating exploration of jazz, cabaret, and synth pop sounds by means of a mixed bag of original songs and jazz and pop standards. Like her eponymous debut, Spirit of Yesterday is consistently fun but sometimes a bit befuddling; Thulla’s voice still sounds like a conference call between Macy Gray, Betty Boop, and Billie Holiday, and her English lyrics are still charmingly loopy (“Even you’re walking steady in a drugstore/You just carry on!”) (…) The album’s most unique and immediately accessible moment comes at the very end in the form of an electro-pop arrangement of “My Way,” which features an extended accordion solo with harpsichord obbligato

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