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Tia Imani Hanna

Tia Imani Hanna: Violinist, Vocalist and Composer

Tia Imani Hanna is a musician who takes listeners from one deep, swelling moment to the next, rarely pausing between chords without inhaling a fresh breath of passion into the river of her work. Ms. Hanna says her mission is “to create music that makes the listener remember they are spiritual beings, that spirit moves within us through sound, through vision, through dance…with joy and love.”

Nurtured By a Family of Musicians

Born in Detroit, she was nurtured by a family of musicians, including her aunt, Naima Shamborguer, the popular Detroit jazz vocalist, and world-renowned jazz pianist, the late Sir Roland Hanna, who inspired her to pursue this indigenous American art form.

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”Shes hoarding a talent overload wordless notes emerge from her mouth in a jaunty, jazzy way.”

Lansing State Journal

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Clinic/Workshop Information

Everyday Music Workshop Instructor: Tia Imani Hanna: Jazz Violinist, Vocalist, Composer, Clinician About this workshop: Learn how to hear your internal muse and express that voice. Play musical improvisational games. Share healing energy with other group members. Generate musical compositions expressing peace and unity. Play with sound. This workshop uses a series of musical games and exercises to create a functional format and safe environment for everyday musicians, (all of us)

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