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Tim Langedijk

Many jazz enthusiasts find guitarist Tim Langedijk a breath of fresh air. He is not a man who desires to show off his virtuosity to his audience at any given moment. Langedijk likes beautiful melodic lines and subtle harmonies and he also searches for intriguing and adventurous soundscapes. Diversity and powerful expression are the starting points for the trio that he formed in 2006

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“…Langedijk’s contemporary compositions not only have a strong melodic sensibility; they also showcase his harmonic concepts. Langedijk’s playing is assured, his sense of time and space giving the composition its soul. With subtle and empathic accompaniment from van Oosterhout and Pannekeet, this becomes the standout track. …” - ALLABOUTJAZZ

“…one of the better trios on a global level with plenty of flavor and texture without bordering on the artistic pretentiousness engaged by some musicians…” ★★★★★ CRITICAL JAZZ (USA)

”…Langedijk may be seen as one of the most original and innovative guitarists in the Netherlands

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