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Tito Martino

Tito Martino (*1937), Brazilian born clarinetist and saxophonist plays enthusiastically since 1957, in the tradition of Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet, Albert Nicholas, Omer Simeon, George Lewis. He recorded 8 LPs and 5 CDs. Tito talked to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and jammed with Teddy Wilson, Oscar Peterson (that was fortunately recorded), Wally Rose, Bob Wilber, Bob Haggart, Louis Nelson, Alvin Alcorn, Louis Barbarin, Louis Cottrell Jr. and other big names of Jazz.

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”Dear Tito I'm so sorry I couldnt go to the club to hear you play. Earl Hines said the group was excelent. Aug/13/1974 Marian McPartland”.

WASHINGTON POST “I have decided that music is the supreme art.... ...while listening to Tito Martino play...with Slide Harrison on trombone”. Hal Willard, Panorama Dialogue. 1/17/74.

NEW YORK TIMES “It's kind of like learning that the kitchen of the French Embassy is commanded by an Indonesian chef. A couple of hundreds of North American jazz fans were fed some outstanding traditional -not Dixieland- jazz last night by a Brazilian band that had them clapping in time to the music and standing to applaud.” Dan Griffin, January 1974


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