Tobin Mueller

Tobin Mueller

Instrument: Piano

Tobin Mueller proves his originality, his inquisitiveness as a musician and a thinker, and his fluid, full throttle energy as a pianist. One continually has the sense that the piano is Mueller’s alter ego, and when he sits down to play, to arrange or improvise, he is engaging in an exciting dialogue of discovery with his inner self.
—Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, Fanfare Magazine

Updated: January 15, 2020

Born: December 3, 1955

Composer, musician, playwright, Tobin Mueller has been involved in collaborations across the artistic spectrum. His latest recording, WONDER, is a tour de force combining Jazz and Progressive Rock. It follows on the heals of Tobin's 2018 jazz ensemble blockbuster, STANDARD DEVIATIONS, in which he reinterprets 33 of the greatest Jazz Standards of all-time. RAIN BATHER won Best Jazz Album in 2009. He also has numerous solo piano jazz albums. A virtuoso post-bop modal jazz multi-genre genius, his musical journey has taken him from prog to musical theatre to new age solo piano to old-school funk. Mueller has recorded with Grammy winners Dave Brubeck, Ron Carter (see COME IN FUNKY), Michael Hedges, Donny McCaslin (last collaborator with David Bowie) and blues guitarist Paul Nelson; as well as Woody Mankowski (THE MULLER'S WHEEL), Ken Schaphorst (RAIN BATHER), Entcho Todorov (A BIT OF LIGHT), Janet Planet and more. He's played with Maynard Ferguson; Jon Anderson (from Yes), Brian Welch (”Head” from Korn), Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche) and countless other musicians from around the globe. A NYC Dramatist Guild playwright, he's staged 5 shows in Manhattan, toured the world, and been involved in several artistic multi-genre collaborations involving the Internet. He founded the ArtsForge Collaborative Artist Community back in 1998. He's won awards for music, poetry and environmental commitment (UNEP Roll of Honor).


”STANDARD DEVIATIONS” - An amazing jazz amalgam that showcases the great players Mueller chose to record with. But even more so, it captures at its zenith Mueller’s genius ability to dance in and out of motifs and themes while paying such great respect to the jazz composers he “quotes”. He makes the intertwining of the composer's intent with his own interpretation sound effortless, expansive, beautiful and awesome...” - John LaMantia, contributing critic for Downbeat Magazine

“RAIN BATHER is yet another demonstration of Tobin Mueller’s multi-faceted artistry

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