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Tom Bancroft


Tom Bancroft is a drummer, composer, bandleader and educator.
He trained as a medical doctor at Cambridge but now makes a living from playing, composing, teaching and creating music education resources.

He has played with many great musicians ranging from Sun Ra & Martyn Bennett to Tommy Smith, Tom Cawley, Billy Jenkins, Geri Allen, Marilyn Crispell, Satoko Fuji, Keith Tippett, and Bill Wells.

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”increasingly attracting international attention, drummer Tom Bancroft must beconsidered one of its leading lights”The Guardian

 “the most instinctive powerhouse drummer 
on the Scottish Jazz scene” David Keenan, Sunday Herald       “Tom Bancroft has been a key mover and shaker on a remarkably inventive Scottish jazz scene for many years, as drummer, composer and creative catalyst. As well as continuing his life as a tirelessly creative artist at the highest international level, in 2006 and 2007 he has extended his innovative range with Kidsamonium, a show that absorbs, inspires and entertains children of all ages (and their parents), combining jazz, improvisation, theatre and comedy, reaching a new generation of audiences in a fresh and uniquely personal approach, bringing the talents of musicians such as Oren Marshall, Claude Deppa, Laura MacDonald and Billy Jenkins into a whole new dimension.”

John Cumming on BBC Jazz Awards 2007 Website

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