Tom La Meche

Like many, I started making music on the guitar in a group of friends, around 14-15 years. Initially, a very rock music, a little bourrin, sometimes plane: I was very attracted by both environments Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden guitars ...

And then one day I heard a tonton play the blues with a harmonica, guitar poorly paid, a groove ... sound ... Wow ... the top. I had to make the blues! Fortunately, step-brother who passed through here, and musician by trade, showed me the database: the ranges, Agreements, the pace and rigor (I did in fact never used, rigor) . I went like that, slowly, toward jazz and blues, both fascinated by the sounds of old blues felt that the premium on technique, and by the complexity and intellectual games harmonies of jazz.

Largely self-taught, I come from a family of musicians. I have always had a piano at home, and a violinist father with whom I share a taste for improvisation, soft music, the harmonies of Debussy, Gypsy music, the sound of music popular in central Europe ...

A 20-year, I take my first course of classical piano, and am a class of jazz music school, where I played bass in a band and guitar in another. In parallel, I mounted a small group improvisation blues / funk with John Bonobo, Sam Gratt, Mr Ste (Nico) of Torm, Slim drummer, and Brad Lemon, with which we produce in various bars and festivals on Nancy With a basic principle: we all improvise to 90 %....

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