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Tom McClung

TOM McCLUNG BIOGRAPHY Tom McClung was born in 1957 in New York into a family for which the joy of making music was important everyday. His mother's ukulele and singing and his father's piano played the popular songs of Tin-Pan Alley and Broadway musicals. Even before he started lessons, Tom was exploring the sonorities and mysteries of their old upright piano, picking out tunes by ear and making up his own melodies. His family then moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, and at the age of six, Tom started formal lessons which introduced him to the world of Bach, Bartok, sharps, flats and rests. By the time he was in high school, he was giving classical piano recitals, playing Scott Joplin rags, composing and playing in the jazz workshop, singing in the chorale, playing recorder in the Collegium Musicum (Renaissance music), playing trumpet and baritone horn in the concert band, and playing rock'n'roll for school dances

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