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Tomoko Omura is among today's leading voices in jazz violin. “Roots”, her debut album for Inner Circle Music, is a compelling tribute to her native Japan, featuring original arrangements of ten classic Japanese folk and popular songs. In the words of fellow violinist Christian Howes, “'Roots' is a tremendous accomplishment, and undoubtedly one of the most important and creative jazz albums produced by a violinist in recent history.” Downbeat magazine calls Tomoko “a leader with a fine future”, awarding “Roots” 4 and a half stars. Her latest release, “Post Bop Gypsies” (Inner Circle, 2017), is a contemporary jazz trio album in the classic Gypsy jazz instrumentation of violin, guitar and bass. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 consecutively, she was named a “Rising Star” in Downbeat magazine's prestigious Critic's Poll.


Ithaca Aceto pickup, Schetler pickup, Acoustic Image amp, ZT Lunch Box Acoustic, Thomastik Infeld Visions strings, Obligato strings, AER amp, Digitech Whammy, Crybaby, Boss Volume Pedal, Line 6 M9, Boss RC-300, Ditto Looper, Zoom A3 DI, DPA microphone, Bartlett microphone, Barry Dudley 5-string violin.


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Album Reviews
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A leader with a fine future.
-Downbeat Magazine by Joe Tangari

”With a clear and sturdy violin attack, and an inventive voice as an improviser”
“A rising talent worth watching” - New York Times, July 2017

everything ceaselessly flows, oft breezy, swingin', be-boppy while wafting through the hip museum
- FAME review by Mark S. Tucker

no matter how complex and expansive things may get, she retains those qualities that made the songs memorable in the first place.  It’s a hell of an accomplishment.  It’s also a seriously exciting album
One of the best things to come out all year.  It was my Pick of the Week when it first hit the shelves back in January… and it remains one of the best things on that shelf as the year comes to a close.
-Bird is the Worm

Her swooping lines and emotive outpourings are contemporary without losing the sense of tradition inherent in both Japanese folk and Western jazz - in other words she can swing!
- Bebopspokenhere

Omura masterfully injects her bold and contemporary blend of jazz into these Japanese standards to create a new and refreshing sound she can proudly call her own.
-Nextbop by Sebastien Helary

”Roots” is a tremendous accomplishment, and undoubtedly one of the most important and creative jazz albums produced by a violinist in recent history. 
- Chtistian Howes

”Roots” reaches back for its source material but is most certainly contemporary music at its best.
- Step Tempest

At once, Tomoko Omura's “Roots” is stirring and melodiously captivating

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Album Post Bop Gypsies by Tomoko Omura

Post Bop Gypsies

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Album Roots by Tomoko Omura


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