Ton de Groot

A self-taught man hobby guitarplayer who made his own CD`s at home. It can be different,but it sounds ok to some folks. Futher he got 30 years experience solo but allmost zero with a band.At the moment he`s retired jobwise by injury (braindamage by a stroke)happend in 1990, but at the moment its pretty hard to play (rightside semi paralysed).Some sort of fallback. But the music keeps him going. His music can be listend to at Twisted Sessions by the artistname Close Encounter if your intrested.


Aria totally selfcustomised The Cat elec. guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups,amplifier Koch Pedaltone ,Lexicon MPX500 effects , Zoom MRS-1266 multi track recording studio , Eurotrack mixer,Elixer guitar strings

Non so ever but thats ok.

Albums by Ton de Groot

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