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Tony Foster

UPDATE! Seattle-based pianist and composer Tony Foster has released a new trio recording in June of 2016. The recording is entitled “Project Paradiso: Tony Foster Plays Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini” and features Foster's arranging of 9 Morricone and Mancini compositions along with one of his own originals entitled “Mr. Mancini.” This project is an exploration of the music of great film composers and no better place than to start with 2 iconic composers Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini! The recording features Canadian drummer Joe Poole and Seattle bassist Nate Parker. Some well-known classics like “Theme From The Pink Panther” and “Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso” are on the recording, but so are some less- known but powerful melodies which Foster artfully arranged for his trio!

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”One thing I appreciate about Tony Foster's playing, is its very fresh phrasing..he kind of strikes sparks from the piano with really inspired use of time that not many players seem to come by so easily.” Katie Malloch, CBC Radio

Project Paradiso: A tribute to Morricone and Mancini, this is not to be confused with the Mancini project of many years ago that found him moving in this direction. A jazz piano date with a set card loaded with can’t miss material, Foster steps up to the plate and acquits his vision throughout. Not hokey, lounge piano Mancini, this cat opens your ears to joys you might not be finding on your play lists and drives the point home by finishing off with a dandy “Pink Panther” version

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