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Maximize Your Presence

Leverage All About Jazz—the Internet's most technically advanced jazz platform—to reach our vast network of fans and industry professionals locally or worldwide. From establishing a presence on All About Jazz and Jazz Near You to contacting a staff writer about a review or press release assignment, it's all here!

Create or Claim Your Musician Page

Promoting yourself on All About Jazz starts with your musician page. If your musician page already exists in our database, claim it, then update it. Otherwise, create it. There are several assets associated with your musician page including photos, events, your discography, your biography, links, audio players, etc. The most effective page is a complete page, so upload as much information as possible. For more information, see our musician primer page.

✅ Recommended Promotional Bundle: $65

Bundled items can be purchased separately.

  • Premium Musician Page: $30/year
    Take advantage of the Internet’s most technically advanced jazz platform to promote yourself, sell music and tickets, import events from your Facebook page, and drive traffic to your website and social pages.
  • Take Five Q&A: $25/article
    Generate thousands of page views when we feature your self-directed interview on our home page, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Press Release Distribution: $10/announcement
    Amplify your message and create buzz by leveraging our extensive readership, searchable archive, and optimal search engine placement.

Sound & Video

In addition to embedding a Soundcloud player and adding up to six YouTube videos on your musician page, we strongly encourage you to upload a full-length MP3 for Track of the Day consideration. If selected, we'll feature your track on All About Jazz, on the All About Jazz Facebook page and on the All About Jazz Twitter page. Each track page includes a "buy" button which drives traffic to a retail store of your choosing. Complete your album discography and we'll help you sell your music. Learn how here.

✅ Recommended Promotional Bundle: $450

Bundled items can be purchased separately.

  • Showcase: $350/month
    The Showcase bundle is the absolute best bang for your advertising buck. Your album cover, photo and buy button will appear above-the-fold on every page for an entire month. Includes video of the day and event spotlight.
  • Featured Album of the Month: $100/month
    We'll feature your latest album on our Albums page and in column two of all All About Jazz pages for an entire month.

Upload your events to Jazz Near You

Upload your upcoming shows to Jazz Near You and we'll put them in front of fans wherever you perform. Your events will appear on Jazz Near You, in the Jazz Near You weekly eblast, in the Jazz Near You app, in the Jazz Near You RSS feeds, in the Jazz Near You calendar widget, and on All About Jazz.

✅ Recommended Promotional Bundle: $80

Bundled items can be purchased separately.

  • Event Spotlight: $40 (up to five weeks from event date)
    Give your event prime placement on the Jazz Near You website, in our eblast, and in our app.
  • Press Release Distribution: $10/announcement
    Amplify your message and create buzz by leveraging our extensive readership, searchable archive, and optimal search engine placement.
  • Facebook Post & Boost: $30/post
    We'll give your announcement a big boost to the All About Jazz Facebook community. Your post will also appear on All About Jazz's Twitter page.

If budget allows, consider a Jazz Near You eblast sponsorship and reach concert goers in your area. Rates vary by city. Starting at $100.

Need a biography, press release or liner note?

Looking for a professionally-written biography, a carefully-crafted press release, or informative yet entertaining liner notes? Your friends at All About Jazz can help. With access to hundreds of writers, All About Jazz can find the right journalist to meet your needs and deliver on time, whatever your assignment.

How it Works

We'll match you up with an experienced writer who has deep knowledge of your music or musical style. You can also request a specific writer from our staff page. Once the writer is chosen for the assignment, the project will begin shortly after payment is made and the deadline is negotiated. Once the draft is completed, a round of edits occur, the final document is approved, and the document is delivered to the artist.

Every press release written by the All About Jazz staff qualifies for our press release distribution program free of charge.

Services & Rates

  • Liner Notes: $350 (maximum 750 words)
  • Biography: $350 (maximum 750 words)
  • Press Release: $200 (maximum 750 words)

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Upload your teaching information to your musician page

Complete the location and teaching portions of your musician page and we'll make your services accessible to local students on our Teacher finder page.

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Looking for a review?

For album review consideration:

If you're not familiar with our staff, click on their "Style Preferences" button. Our staff is particular about what they review, so make sure there's a stylistic match. Do not contact several writers at once—rather contact one at a time and wait for a reply.

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