Toot Suite

Toot Suite by Bob Wagner

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Bob Wagner

Label: Jump City Music
Released: 2018
Views: 1,384

Track Listing

Allegre; Mystique; Rag Polka; Marche; Vesperale; Spirituelle.


Bob Wagner
Bob Wagner


Additional Personnel / Information

Bob Wagner: trumpet, piccolo trumpet. flugelhorn; Peter Hilliard: piano; Ranaan Meyer: bass; Sean J. Kennedy: drums.

Album Description

Bob Wagner marks his debut as a solo recording artist with this performance of the rarely recorded Claude Bolling's "Toot Suite" for Trumpet and Jazz Trio. Originally written in 1980 for virtuoso trumpeter Maurice Andre, Toot Suite is a unique and important work in the trumpet repertoire. A combination of strict classical phrasing, ragtime syncopation and swing stylings, "Toot Suite" is a highly entertaining and enjoyable piece for both the audience and the performers. Presenting a unique challenge to the trumpeter, each piece within the suite presents substantial challenges to the trumpeter's endurance, range, technique and style. As a result, this collection is rarely performed or recorded in it's entirety making Bob's version of "Toot Suite" one of only a handful of studio versions ever produced available and the first one recorded in well over a decade.



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