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Túlio Augusto

Túlio Augusto is a Brazilian musician who holds a Bachelor degree in Composition and Conducting at the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), Master in Music Composition at University of Aveiro (Portugal), Master in Teaching Analysis and Composition Techniques at University of Aveiro, and is pursuing a PhD in Composition at the University of Aveiro.

Founder member of OCA (Oficina de Composição Agora), he has participated in cultural projects in more than ten countries (Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, England, Israel, France, Spain, Denmark, Qatar and Italy). As a composer, arranger, and performer in the fields of jazz music, contemporary classical music and music education fields, his work has been performed by ensembles such as ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble), Orchestra of the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Ilê Ayiê, Roberto Mendes, Performa Ensemble, DME Ensemble, Duo Robatto, Cron Group, Ensemble MAB; besides playing in groups like Samba Chula de São Braz, Alex Pochat & the 5 Elements, Lo Han, Dão & a Caravanablack.

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”Self-taught guitarist and harmonica player Tulio Augusto has a houseful of instruments, is defending his second master’s and working on a Ph.D., and has composed something stunning, bluesy, Gershwin-like – indescribable, really – that shows he can climb right inside the essence of homegrown American jazz and understand it as if he was a founder of the genre. Tulio has incredible talent and deep passion, that shine through his music like a jazzy beacon. His is a promising trajectory to watch!” DEBBIE BURKE, JAZZ AUTHOR (USA)

“Blue Spell is a beautiful display of his talent and ability, with sonorities transiting between jazz, blues and classical music

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