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Uli Lenz

Uli Lenz: pianist, composer and arranger

Uli Lenz grew up in a musical family and began with classical piano at the age of four. His father Emanuel Lenz, a professional classical organist, pianist and composer, taught him piano and in the discipline of improvisation and theory of harmony.

He was first drawn to jazz through listening to recordings by Earl Hines, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

In the seventies, he studied piano and cello at the Frankfurt Conservatory and subsequently pursued his instrumental and composing academic studies at the Frankfurt Academy of Music and the Performing Arts. During this time Lenz also played in bars and nightclubs and worked intensively with wellknown tab-dancers.

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Kakiseni the arts and cultural magazine in Malaysia: ”Lenz is a highly disciplined magician walking the fine line between technical virtuosity and musical shamanism.” (from Antares 10.12.2001)

Daily Times Pakistan: ”Uli Lenz is a dynamic German pianist with a playful sense of time, melody and composition. “ (from September 17, 2005)

Sunday Standard: His music is quite danceable and the way he churns out varied sounds from the piano is simply magical

“The amazing pianist from Berlin has an infinite musical richness that he displays and bestows upon his audience without ever needing to show off.”

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