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Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud

This Norwegian trio is one of those rare and lucky collaborations where there is a great sense of chemistry from the very beginning. Are L Kolbeinsen and Ulrik I Thorsrud met for an informal improv session and hit it off immediately, but thought their music would benefit from adding a more melodic element. The choice fell on trumpeter Stian Omenås who, with his lyrical and open minded approach to improvisation, proved to be just what was needed to complete the music.

Rather than adhering to any particular “school” of improvising, Parallax' music is a blend of the members' musical preferences and influences with strong emphasis on interplay and listening. They have forged their own unique take on improvising that seamlessly draws on an array of influences ranging from Asian folk musics to traditional jazz and abstract soundscapes. The strong focus on interplay gives the music a strong sense of form and direction, and the result is often conceived of as being composed.

Since forming the group in 2008, they have toured extensively in Norway, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany and China, and have released two albums, “Live In The UK” on FMR, and “Krutthuset” on PlingMusic. They are collaborating with Hong Kong New Music Ensemble on a commissioned work to be premiered in HK october 2012. They also collaborate with light designer Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson on a production called “Lydrommet”; a project that exposes children to the world of improvised music (and lighting).

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