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Ultra Minor

Ultra Minor

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Jon Catler

Label: FreeNote Records
Released: 2018
Views: 376

Track Listing

1) Ultra Minor 2) Kookaburra 3) Thirteen 4) Closer To The Sun 5) Snowmen Of The Sahara 6) The Matrix 7) After Eleven 8) Night Prayer


Jon Catler, 12-Tone Ultra Plus and Fretless Guitars Ra Kalam Bob Moses, tuned drums

Album Description

Ultra Minor is a collaboration between Harmonic guitarist/composer Jon Catler and drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses, performed in pure Harmonic Series tuning and based on the sacred fundamental frequency of 528 hertz. It features compositions and improvisations that introduce innovative elements into jazz. The title piece is a 20 minute epic that uses the 147th Harmonic as the 'ultra minor', the flattest and deepest minor third possible, a tonality which has rarely if ever been heard in music before. There is also a section in Harmonic Rhythm, which translates the Harmonic pitch ratios into their corresponding rhythms, producing a cascade where each pitch has it's own space. New tonalities, new rhythms, drums tuned to match the key of the song, Harmonic Clouds, and improvised lines that 'travel' through super chromatic changes are explored by the two musicians in their search for meaning beyond the notes.

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