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Unit 3 Deep is comprised of a uniquely talented trio and highly sought-after professional musicians: pianist, producer and songwriter Patrick Cooper; bassist, songwriter, arranger and producer David Dyson; and drummer and producer Duane Thomas. Although the trio has collaborated for years on varying musical circuits, they have been playing together as Unit 3 Deep since 2015. With each contributing their own musical prowess and vast experience, it’s not hard to comprehend why these three seasoned talents came together to bring what they call musical “gumbo” to life. The question is simply: Why did it take so long?

If the Headhunters and Parliament Funkadelic had a baby, Unit 3 Deep would be their love child”

Jazz Roads: “It’s a bit like listening to the Return To Forever and the Mahavishnu Orchestra translated into 2018”

Date Detail Price
Unit 3 Deep
City Winery DC
Washington, DC
8:00 pm
Unit 3 Deep
The Tin Pan
Richmond, VA