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The duet was created by two Polish artists: Marek Jakubowicz (the guitar and sitar) and Michał Ruksza (the piano and synthesizers) in 2013. They have been composing and performing together on club and theatrical stages for years. Their music is based on the maturity in sound and virtuosity, and often on jazz composition as well. The artists’ compositions are inspired by various styles and cultures from all over the world. In the music of the duet Unobtainum you can find, for example, the motives of classical and ethnical jazz, European inspirations, as well as those from the East, originating from Indian and Persian traditions. The multicultural nature has become the integral part of the majority of the artists’ compositions, and their concerts are called unofficially “musical trips”. The musicians from Unobtainum began their performances in “Mój Teatr” in Poznań in 2013, and they are still performing there. They also used to play, for example, in “Szafa” club in Łódź, “Piec Art” in Cracow, and “Piwnica pod Baranami” (a jazz club). They perform both individually and with guest artists.

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