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Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg is a new free jazz power trio that plays improvised music with influences from jazz and rock. The band's first album Ullr received widely positive response from the contemporary jazz and impro press (see below). A concert recording from BrÖtz in Gothenburg was released on Simlas in November 2017.


Album Reviews
  • Ullr by Mark Corroto
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....most striking about this album is the way in which the musicians anticipate and respond to each single member outshines another... Uuskyla provides a foundational groove through most of the album...I often wonder whether so many performances really need to be documented and presented to the public. Then, I find an album like this that clearly caught a special band on a special night. And, I start to allow space for the exceptions...The Free Jazz Collective

Oslo Hærverk on Avant Music News' list of “Excellent Releases first half of 2018”

They seem more refined and have progressed considerably on this album

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Album Ullr by Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg




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