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Vangelis Kordompoulis Vangelis Kordompoulis

He was born in 1948 in Patras Greece. He was taught music by Konstantinos Remoundos, Konstantinos Vafiadis (Euphonium - Trombone), Nikolas Amarado (Mandolin), Dimitrios Papadatos (Classic Guitar), Konstantinos Kydoniatis (Piano and Music Theory),Aurel Ströe (Composition), Hal Grossman and Lee Harris and Piano Tuning at the American School of Piano Tuning.

He is teaching: Classic Piano, Jazz - Modern Piano and Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composing, Pop Song and Jazz Composing, Orchestration, Band and Jazz Arrangement. He has played as: Mandolin-Guitar Euphonium and Trombone player, Soloist Pianist, Jazz Pianist, Show and Recording Studio Pianist, Music Teacher, Pianist, and Conductor in Musical Comedies and Musicals (Chicago, The Woman of the Year, Annie..) in Athens Greece . He has been a Jazz Theorist since 1978. In 1989 he and his wife Alexandra Stefanopoulo established the Prototypal Conservatory (first named Prototypal School of Music) in the city of Patras, Greece. As a music educator (innovator) since the September of 1989, Evangelos Kordompoulis has been using technology (Videos, Computers, Synthesizers, Computer Software for Ear Training, History, Analysis, Score Reading, Music Reading , Writing, and Karaoke to accompany the School Choir or the piano students), in all the departments of Music Education in the Prototypal Conservatory.

Since 2010 he has been preparing his teaching legacy.

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