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Frans van Oostrom

Frans van Oostrom (Amsterdam 13-10-1955) played in a lot of bands and projects. It all started with Blood River in the seventies and a lot of other bands. In the nineties he started The Van Brothers, wich was followed by Snakebite. These bands played at a lot of jazz and bluesfestivals. In 1999 he was asked playing guitar in Omsk a band with Peter Vink, Fred van Vloten and Adjan Emmen. He quit in 2001 and started playing several projects like musicals, events etc. He did a small tour in France with Hardly Volume (standard jazz) and worked as producer and guitarist with Judith Jobse (who didn't). Also started access 2 vibes with Peter Elbertse (vibraphone/marimba/percussion). This is a kind of clubmusic using loops and samples in combination with live playng musicians and projection of movies Frans made. And preparing for the never ending story of YoSco with Pieter Danz (drums), Robert Jan Riphagen (bass) and Jan de Kroon (Keys). Also doing the club and lounge thing with Peter Elbertse, and producing, writing and playing all instruments for his own projects. Frans does also a lot of work in art-direction, graphic design and painting.


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