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Various Artists: Fukushima!

Various Artists: Fukushima! by Various Artists

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Various Artists

Label: Presqu'ile Records
Released: 2012
Views: 257

Track Listing

Al Contrario; Foreign Grey; From Dotolim; Counter; Eventide; Duo; Field recording of the anti-Wall Street demonstration in front of the Reichstag in Berlin; Fukushima for the Time Being; The Bell-Maker (from Four Pieces for Recorded Percussion); Cylindrical Mirror.


Additional Personnel / Information

John Tilbury: piano (1); Magda Mayas: piano (2); Choi Joonyong: CD players (3); Joe Foster: things and stuff (3); Hong Chulki: without turntables (3); Jin Sangtae: acoustic car horns (3); Burkhard Beins: analogue synthesizers, E.T., bowed chimes (4); Mark Wastell: Paiste 32″ Tam Tam (5); Jonathan McHugh: Eventide H3000 (5); Annette Krebs: mixing-board-feedbacks, radio, amplified objects, e-guitar (6); Chris Abrahams: DX7 FM synth and Vermona Mono Lancet analog synth (6); Sabine Erklenz: trumpet (7); Chris Heenan: alto sax (7); Mike Majkowski: pitch pipes (7); Andrea Neumann: trumpet (7); Koen Nutters: bowed crotales (7); Morten Olsen: guitar (7); Jim Denley: flute (8); Kim Myhr: acoustic guitars, zithers and objects (8); Ingar Zach: gran cassa, percussion (8); Greg Stuart: glockenspiel, bar chimes, wood blocks (9); Greg Kelley: trumpet (10).


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