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Vaughnette Bigford

Since her debut in 2004, Vaughnette's rich, earthy jazz vocals have been making audiences sit up and take notice…and she's been developing quite a fan club, too! She is recognised for her haunting delivery of some of the most timeless jazz standards and confesses that when she discovered jazz, she knew she had found a “home”.

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”Her delivery is instantly appealing and even otherworldly at times. With each note, she explores the broad parameters of contemporary jazz, drawing you in with her earthy, soulful renditions of some of the most timeless standards.” - Trinidad Express Womens Magazine (November 18, 2007)

“Vaugnette Bigford-Griffith hijacked Ray Holman's set with a blues number and one of Ray's own compositions with her rich, earthy voice and Holman, always a laid back and uninvolved performer content to let his sticks do his talking, let her have it.” - Trinidad Guardian (October 10, 2007)

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