Just like a political trio, VEIN are frequently on tour. Last year, they covered thousands of kilometres and played in eleven countries on three continents, thereby developing their repertoire. After all, the audience is essential for a band, so VEIN were out there catching votes and spreading their musical programme at countless concerts. A programme in search of variety, open to any kind of new influences, comprising down-to-earth grooves just as much as breezy poetry, humour and intricate constructions – and is unmistakably part of VEIN. This arguably makes “VOTE for VEIN” the most colourful and most compact album the Basel Jazz trio has recorded to date. The reference to tradition is an important element of VEIN's musical philosophy. It was documented on several CDs, including “VEIN- Standards NO Standards” (2007), which solely contains Jazz standards, or on “VEIN plays PORGY and BESS” (2011) – a rendition of George Gershwin's famous Jazz opera. Likewise, the CD “VEIN meets Glenn Ferris” (2010) and the live album “VEIN feat. Dave Liebman – LEMURIA” (2013) are characterized by traditional influences.

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Liebman and the Basel-based piano trio Vein share a sense of music that stands at the intersection of freedom and complexity and aims to create maximum energy without abandoning its subtlety. Their performance at the Jazzfestival Basel was received with enthusiasm by the audience and only leaves one thing to say: Here grows together what belongs together. - Tom Gsteiger, Basler Zeitung, 4.2012

...Liebman’s dark and abstract “Climbing” is a tense affair, with his powerful tenor fueled by the superb rhythm section... It’s a safe bet that future collaborations by David Liebman with Vein are in the works. - Ken Dryden, The New York City Jazz Record, 2.2013

...In line with their current CD “Lemuria - live”, the music created at the ”Unterfahrt” combined the roughness of jazzy freedom with the elegance of creative perfection

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